Collaborations, Partnerships & Colleagues

Pinellas County African American History Project

Every community, large and small has its quiet heroes, men and women whose accomplishments on a local level go largely unheralded by historians, who often prefer to focus on “the bigger picture.” As a result, many stories have gone untold or worse yet, have been completely forgotten. The African American History Project is a series of collective memories which put together, tell the story of our neighborhoods, and communities, and our nation.

The Deuces

“The Deuces” project ran in the Neighborhood Times. It focuses on 22nd Street South, which was the heart of a bustling black community before the state decided to run I-275 through it.

Florida Heritage Month

Between March 15 through April 15, set aside as Florida Heritage Month, the Department of State has encouraged citizens to gain a better understanding and appreciation of Florida’s history and culture.

Florida Humanities Council

The Florida Humanities Council is dedicated to building strong communities and informed citizens by providing Floridians with the opportunity to explore the heritage, traditions and stories of our state and its place in the world.

James Hicks Collection of African American History

The experience of the James Hicks collection is a journey of the heart and mind into the history of the African American race. The collection tells the story of the indoctrination of racism into American culture.

Manhattan Casino

Built in 1925, the Manhattan Casino is significant for its contribution to entertainment and the culture in the African American community for more than forty years. The Manhattan Casino is located along 22nd Street South in what was once a thriving “main street” of the City’s African American community.

Mercy Hospital at the Johnnie Ruth Clarke Health Center

Mercy Hospital was a hospital located at 1344 22nd Street South in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. The hospital was the only primary care facility for the African-American community of St. Petersburg from 1923 to 1966.

Pinellas County Heritage Village

Heritage Village 21-acre living history museum located in the heart of Pinellas County. The natural pine and palmetto landscape is home to some of Pinellas County’s most historic buildings.

St. Petersburg College Midtown

SPC Midtown opened in 2003 in response to the city of St. Petersburg’s need for help with the educational portion of the Midtown Redevelopment Act. In addition to educational opportunities, a variety of community activities are held at the center.

St. Petersburg Museum of History

The Mission of the St. Petersburg Museum of History is to collect, preserve and communicate the history and heritage of Florida with emphasis on St. Petersburg and the Pinellas Peninsula.